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Weathered old metal edging just doesn’t cut it anymore, and that’s exactly what makes Form Boss yard edgings different from most other brand name yard edgings. Form Boss offers many different yard edgings including: Concrete Edging, Plastic Edging, Epoxy Edging, Concrete Braid Edging, Fiberglass Edging, Vinyl Edging and more. Form Boss yard edgings are an economical way to keep your grassy yard looking beautiful all year long. Not only that, but you will have healthier grass and fewer weeds with Form Boss!

Various Types of Lawn Edging Tools

Formboss has been in the business of garden edgings and yard edgings systems for over a decade and has thousands of happy customers. Unlike other brands that make huge promises and break their backs, Form Boss offers solid products that will give you years of quality performance. The company is always on hand to help you get the job done and to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about their products. Form Boss also offers ground-level professional installation for their entire line of lawn edging systems.

One of the newest products from Form Boss is their epoxy resin mulch. Form Boss epoxy resins are specially designed to be a superior hard wearing natural deterrent to acid and algae growths. They offer the benefits of providing better sound insulation to prevent noise reduction from retaining walls and tree rings and more. Resin mulches can be applied to almost any type of yard and work great on low lying areas where weed seeds and fertilizer can spread quickly and easily. And, they provide exceptional sound insulation to protect you and your family from harmful noise levels.

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