What is Bali Massage?

Bali massage is a form of massage therapy originating from Bali Island in Indonesia. It utilizes techniques and approaches derived from several other massage therapies including acupressure, reflexology, Chinese medicine, and Thai massage. Balinese massage has been developed from a combination of traditional healing methods, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, traditional grammar of the Balinese language, massage therapy, and meditation. Bali massage developed initially in the Indonesian province of Bali, ultimately with direct influence from various traditional medical systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia How To Know About Bali Massage? In addition to the massage treatment, the use of various essential oils is also commonly practiced in bali massage. The essential oils are usually used for lubrication, fragrance and analgesic purposes. These oils include, but are not limited to, lavender, geranium, jasmine, peach, lemon, raspberry, orange, maple, pine, thyme, cinnamon, tangerine, raspberry, rose, mint, eucalyptus, jasmine, peach, and others. The oils used are applied on the skin of the client prior to the massage therapy and removed after the therapy. Most massage spas in Bali offer bali massage as one of their famous spa treatments. However, there are also many spas in Bali that offer this massage therapy as a stand-alone treatment. The popularity of this treatment is attributed to its effectiveness in promoting balance, relaxation, and health to the body. There are some health spas in Bali that also offer other spa treatments such as collagen and fat removal, facelift, surgical facelifts, hand surgery, etc. Some of these are only found in selected areas or in high-end hotels.