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Handmade Rugs

Considering hand-knotted rugs for your home? Read on to learn about some of the benefits of these beautiful rugs. A handmade rug has color shifts called abrash that are very common among hand-dyed rugs. The shifts occur as the wool or material reacts to different colors, changing the background color from one hue to another. Machine-made rugs do not have this quality and have no subtle color shifts at all.

Wool is the most common material used in handmade rugs. It is a renewable resource that outlasts synthetic fibers. It is soft and comfortable under the feet and is durable. A handmade rug is an investment that will last a lifetime. Wool also repels liquids naturally and is comfortable for the human foot. It can be difficult to spot a fading rug if you don’t notice it immediately. And as you can see, handmade rugs are also more expensive than machine-made rugs.

Handwoven rugs are beautiful and unique, and many are made by skilled craftspeople. These artisans receive fair wages and good working conditions at their organized weaving centers in India and Bangladesh. Many of these rugs are made of 100% wool, which is both soil-repellent and hard-wearing. In addition to these benefits, handmade rugs are often more durable than machine-made ones. You can purchase rugs of any style from online stores, and they usually ship worldwide.

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